Dr Lauren Smithson MD MPhil FACS

  • General Surgeon - Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, St Anthony, Canada; founder & co-President of SYRUS - Society for Young Rural Surgeons

Lauren Smithson is a General Surgeon based in St Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada. 

She is originally from a small town outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but attended medical school in the Caribbean and UK before doing her surgical training in Detroit at Providence Hospital and Medical Centers.  During her training, she actively participated in the Advisory Committee for Rural Surgery to the American College of Surgeons, and started the Society for Young Rural Surgeons (SYRUS) to help students and residents interested in rural medicine connect with communities and physicians.  She loves the educational aspect of medicine, especially promoting the rural life and career to medical students and trainees. 

Lauren volunteers for GlobalMedic, a disaster relief NGO out of Toronto, and is a member of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, trying to promote medical excellence in remote centers.  Like most people who love rural life, she is an avid outdoorsman, hiking, camping, skiing, and trail running whenever possible.  She also travels as the physician to the Newfoundland Junior Women's Rugby team.  She enjoys the challenges and creativity of surgery, the places that it can take you, and the people to whom it can introduce you.

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