Maximising Your Earnings While in Private Practice

Keep Your Finances in Line, From Beginning to End

Breakfast Session Presented by

Friday 20 October, 2017 

TAS Hoskins Centre

$FREE including breakfast
*Please note there are limited places available

As a hard-working surgeon, the world of finance can sometimes feel like an overwhelming, never-ending stack of decisions, with nothing more than good fortune keeping everything in line. But what happens when things start to domino?  

Money management is an undeniably important part of your surgical career. While in private practice, it’s vital to remember that the financial decisions you make today will impact how you are rewarded now and into the future.  

Regardless of where you are in your General Surgical career, this wealth management workshop is a not-to-be-missed event.

The Bongiorno National Network will be covering key areas that will help to ensure you’re making the right financial decisions to protect yourself in the years to come.

Key Areas

  • Ensuring you are operating under the most efficient business structure
  • Budget changes and how they affect you
  • Wealth creation – can you create wealth without borrowing?
  • Protecting your most important asset – yourself! Your ability to earn an income is paramount.
  • Making sure you are maximising your financial facilities with a focus on the best possible mix of non-deductible and deductible debt


  1. Michael Waycott
  2. Warren Davis
  3. Stephen Wilkie

The Bongiorno National Network is one of Australia’s leading financial services organisations and has been helping medical professionals grow, manage and protect their wealth for over 50 years.

Made up of like-minded, affiliated offices in each state, the Bongiorno National Network can help you with your financial needs, no matter where you reside in Australia.  We are also proud to be the primary sponsor and content provider of the RACS Surgical News Extra audios.